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Welcome to our online counseling:

We make available some of the most frequent queries. Register and you will get for free a broader list, solving some more specific queries. This service will be expanded and updated periodically with the most requested.

Some Examples

 1. Who convenes extraordinary meeting, if necessary?
The President, 25% of the owners, or owners representing at least 25% of the shares.
 2. Who convenes the Annual General Meeting?
The President.
 3. How often is called the Ordinary?
Once a year.
 4. How long are the positions on the board?
For one year, unless the statutes may provide otherwise.
 5. Who can be president?
One Owner, by lot or rotation system.
 6. What are the governing bodies of the community?
1. The general assembly
2. The Chairman and, where appropriate, the Vice-Presidents.
3. The Secretary.
4. The Administrator.
 7. Who can vote at meetings?
The owners, who at the date of conclusion of the Board are aware of payment.

1. ¿Que obras estan permitidas en mi vivienda?
2012-08-15 18:49:27
2. What works are allowed?
2012-06-19 13:18:43
3. The Community has hired a property manager and neighbors who voted against refusing to pay their share of the fees arguing that there is a necessary service, can legally oppose payment sent?
2012-06-19 12:48:30

1. Generalmente, los municipios suelen regular dentro de su normativa este tipo de asuntos a través de ordenanzas municipales en las que se establecen los niveles máximos de ruido según los casos.
2012-08-15 18:38:24 - 124€
2. Mis vecinos hacen demasiado ruido durante el horario nocturno. ¿Que puedo hacer?
2012-08-15 18:37:52 - 5€
3. Since the amount of community debt the debtor may be denounced in court?
2012-04-19 15:17:12 - 1€

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